I was working with a colleague to test out issues he was having sharing his screen from his Windows laptop. After a suggestion from Screen.so, we got sharing working, but audio stopped working. When I went to check my audio settings, each of my input and output options had been duplicated five times with odd extra details after the name. Unfortunately, it was difficult for me to figure out what each one was, since on the select panel all of the variation was cut off due to the width of the panel. None of the options I tried got it working again. We left the meeting and I "quit" screen-desktop, but it did not actually close the process. I had to SIGKILL it, and after restarting the audio options were back to normal.
Audio had been working in that meeting before while I was using the browser client. I had disconnected to try the desktop client as well when this occurred.
Ubuntu 18.04
i3 Window Manager on X.org
Snap install of 1.0.42